Monday, October 10, 2011

Butterfly and sushi

Bento No. 130
I need some beauty sleep!  Wake up in the morning, feeling lethargic.  Shortly after, I heard a loud thunder and it started to rain heavily.  My pet dog, Nitro, a shih tzu breed, was petrified.  He was trying to escape through the baby barrier gate we installed between the living and dining room, squeezing his little head between the poles.  He was stucked and literally tangling mid-way through the barrier. Knowing he cannot move, he began to weep.  Nitro will outsmart all kinds of barrier we put up during the rainy season. To the extent, I fear that he might get hurt by his dangerous actions. On the other hand, Nitro is my weatherman.  He shows sign by sniffing the air, tail down, and shivers.

Back to bento, my son has his usual sushi lunch.  I made a butterfly using two pieces tamagoyaki and strip of cucumber.  He got oranges and white nectarine for his fruits.

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