Friday, October 21, 2011


Bento No. 137

I was wondering what is missing for this ladybug?  Its head!   It is made of two type of cheese.  I did not pack any rice for my boy's lunch today.  Just ginger pork, steamed/baked sweet potato, blanched green peas, grapes and green kiwi.  I added some bowtie pasta to resemble butterfly.

Initially, I wanted to make some grilled/baked white fish fillets like those serve in Fish & Co since I had purchased two packets of sutchi (cat)fish fillet from NTUC or called Pangas, Basa.  This type of fish is dirt cheap because it cost less than $4 for two packets each with three sizable slice of fillets.  After browsing the internet for more information about this type of fillet, I decided to forgo the idea.  Why?  It contains no nutrition value other than for the taste.   After reading the below, I am contemplating to throw it away.  Wasteful but........erm...  I have to think twice now before I order fish and chips next time.

Quote: Pangasius Hypothalmus is a species of Asian freshwater catfish. They get a bad name in some circles, as they are bottom feeders, and will feed on whatever is available.... even if it's human waste in contaminated backwaters.Unquote

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