Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Bento No. 231
We decided to make a trip down to Island Creamery at Serene Centre after school for ice cream with Papa who took a day off yesterday. And I was almost roasted under the scorching hot sun on the way to the school after I had done my facial !! Really in need of an ice cold treat.  On arrival, we were surprised that the price has adjusted upwards for inflation.  Guess, we should expect more food prices to be increased in the coming months (in line with our PM's statement).  We also dropped by the 'Toy Station' which sold all kinds of toys as well as legos.  This is 'their favourite place', for both Papa and my boy.  According to hubby, the legos are parallel import and hence, it is cheaper than the rest of the retail shops.  We had visited the shop many times and the label that indicated 15% discount seems permanently there.   Expectedly, the first thing my son asked was "Can you buy this....and...that?" and followed by "Pleassssee!".  Pointing at one of the lego ninjago, he came up with all the reasons trying to justify why he wanted to buy.  Back at home, he has already had two spinners and minifigures.  Of course, it was a 'No' from me.  However, our dear doting daddy (another lego collector) promised my boy he would get him the other ninjagos.  

Therefore, today's bento is a ninja onigiri.  I cooked his favourite steamed egg with minced meat as well as some crabstick, blanched star carrots/spinach, dragonfruits and grapes.

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