Monday, May 7, 2012

Baked salmon and colours

Bento No. 192
It is a cold and wet day this morning.  It would be nice if I could snuggle under the covers for a little longer.  My little man woke me up a few times during dawn just to tell me he felt 'itchy' on his hands, legs..etc.  This is the problem when we did not switch on the air-condition.  Instead we chose to open the windows for some fresh air.  Most probably it was mosqito bites and the little ones always the first victim to be attacked.

I like today's bento because it is so colourful; green, red, orange and yellow.  His lunch consists of a two tone corn cob, baked salmon, blanched green peas and strawberries.  Even though, my son eats most of the vegetables but he did not fancy celery.  We had it over our dinner last night and he kept telling us that when he is 10 years old, he will cook lots of lots of meatballs and NO celery!  The good thing about my boy is that he does not spit out the celery althought he dislikes it.  He will oblige by finishing what is on his plate.  At the same time, we also tried to educate him that he needs to eat a variety vegetables to be healthy and strong.  Some brainwashing though....;)

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