Monday, May 21, 2012

Smiley Reindeer or Giraffe?

Bento No. 200
Does it look like a reindeer (caribou) or giraffe?  My son thinks it is a giraffe.  But I personally felt that it looks more like a reindeer.  Haha! Anyway, it is made of  'Super wholegrain toast' which I bought it from Crystal Jade Bakery at Changi Airport last Saturday. Nori, cheese and carrots for the face.  Cucumber for its ears and a bone foodpick for its horn-like ossicones if it is giraffe or antlers if it is a reindeer. ;)  The fillings is a combination of tuna and green apple mayonnaise. For the greens, I threw in some iceberg lettues, purple cabbage and carrots. For fruits, my boy has oranges and dragonfruits.  Lastly, an apple flavour vitagen to go with his sandwich.

Relationship with hubby has been a roller coaster ride lately.  We have lots of fights over nitty-gritty things. Even, labelling like  'stupid bento blog' makes me jump. :o  The little one at home somewhat bears the brunt of our anger. The atmosphere often become serious that sometimes we were not in a mood to play with him.  (The saddest thing is that he is the only son and his play buddies are his parents. ) And if the little rascal does not heed our advice, we would raise our voice demanding him to listen.  I feel guilty afterwards.  I definitely desperately need a holiday break to release the tension!  Luckily, that heated moment is shortlived and my son's cheerful nature instantly lightened up the ambience.  As a parent, I know I should have handled the situation better for the sake of our child. <sign> Hope that we have less conflicts for the rest of the days and peace too.

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