Monday, May 28, 2012

Choo Choo Train

Bento No. 202

Lately, I am wondering what is the difference between Western ham  and Chinese luncheon meat or spam.   And hotdogs!   I noted that all of these processed meat contains "sodium nitrates" which is used as a colour fixation and preservative in cured meat.  And yet, we favour ham over luncheon meat assuming the former is a healthy choice.  Perhaps, the only reasons that deter myself from buying Chinese luncheon meat is the saltiness and the country of origin.  Or rather, I am biased??  But I grew up eating luncheon meat for breakfast and lunch and I still love it! However, I did not introduce luncheon meat to my son for very obvious reason ;)

No luncheon meat but honey baked ham and emmental cheese sandwich today.  I picked a panda foodpick as the driver and the rest of the passengers are specially chosen by my boy for the ride on the choo choo train shape sandwich.  Along with iceberg lettues, tomatoes, red dragonfruit and rambutan - a new fruit in his bento.  Last week, the teachers conducted a lesson on fruits and each child has a taste of different kind of fruit. And he came back asking me to buy rambutans and durian.  Honestly, I have not eaten rambutan for ages. I just could not resist when I saw it selling in NTUC one fine day.  It is sweet and juicy.  I am glad I have bought it for my son. 

Quiet time on Saturday afternoon.  Tracing the words on his Disney Junior Magazine.  This is a good activity magazine to bring with us next time if we are driving to Malaysia for holiday. 

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