Monday, May 14, 2012

Twinkle twinkle little stars

Bento No. 196
I have been invited to a FB closed group - Singapore Mum Bloggers. I was totally overwhelmed by the warm welcome from so many mommies in the group when I first introduced myself in fb.  In fact, I was hesitated at first worrying how should I put in words.  It is like getting to know new friends and learning to socialise again (after being SAHM for 3.5 years not meeting anyone new!)  And suddenly, I got a trigger in fb from a blogger who accidentally, tagged me in error.  So I made a short and sweet introduction of myself, my blog and wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day.  **Phew**  I am officially part of the community and feel great to be "connected". :) 

Today's lunch is orangic somen and pork dumplings with Japanese soup base.   Vegetables include star shape carrots and iceberg lettue. On the top tier of the bento box, I packed some strawberries and kiwi. I like it because firstly, it is quick and easy way to make stock and secondly, this dashi is made with healthy and natural ingredients (stated in the packet).  Taste good too!


Regina Moo said...

Hi... dropping by from SMB - hope you will enjoy being a part of the community!

Your bentos look great! Your son is lucky to have such nice looking lunch boxes.

Really admire your patience and creativity :)

Liza said...

Wah! So nice! You should consider doing a step-by-step How To section! Teach me leh!

Dragonfly said...

Hi Regina, Thanks for dropping by and the compliments!

Hi Liza, Thanks. Good idea, I will consider that if I can find the time.....