Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuna Mayo sushi

Bento No. 197
Yesterday, my son told me he just need a plain lunch with no decoratives.  I was wondering what makes him said that.....and replied "Ok, I shall make sushi for you?".  Hence today, I prepare his usual tuna mayo sushi with cucumber, tamagoyaki, edamame, kiwi and strawberry.  Nothing fancy but I added a leaf foodpick..hehe.  I can't help it!

We have been shaving my boy's hair since he was born and even bought a hair clipper to do it ourselves.  He is used to being "榴莲" boy and honestly, he looks good because of his round shape tiny head.  And all the aunties loves to touch "榴莲头"!  We are not professional hairdresser and sometimes, it gets a little painful when the hair got stuck in the clipper.  Oh, he absolutely dislikes it! Besides, we cut it in the bathroom and the temperature can get really hot when my boy does not cooperate with us.  In conclusion, hair cutting is something not enjoyable for my son.  Whenever we mentioned, it is time to cut your hair.  He will said "No, I want to grow my hair.".  One point to note is he is not suitable for long hair because firstly, he perspire a lot and secondly, he has rather thick and stiff hair texture.  After much negotiation, he agreed to trim but cannot shave.   The result is not satisfying and we still prefer his "榴莲头".  

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