Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wanton somen and konnyaku

Bento No. 203

Papa is away in Bangkok for business trip today and another next week, he will be flying to Peru.  And Papa plans to extend his stay just to hike in Machu Picchu! Jealousy and envy, this is how I feel now.  I wish I can go!!  <sign> Uno, dos, tres, cuatro....Daddy begins to learn Spanish and so is my son who has also been influenced into it that he can recite 1 to 10 in Spanish now. 

Today's bento consists of wanton, cold somen, blanched cauliflower/carrots/peas, oranges, a cheery and red dragonfruit/rambutan konnyaku. It is a new flavour which I enjoyed experimenting it.  I prefer the chewy texture of konnyaku over agar-agar. A nice cool treat for my little prince during the hot hot hot weather ;)

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