Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chicken patties with mix vegetables

Bento No. 198
Wordless Wednesday for bloggers?  I just learned from SMB group that it is posting a photograph with no words because the picture itself tells all and it does not need any description.  Needless to say, my bento say it all!! :)

But there is something I need to get off my chest.  It is about the freaky car accident involved with a ferrari and a taxi at Bugis.  I watched the video footage yesterday night.  And I could not believe my eyes that the ferrari beat the red light and smashed on the side of the taxi in split seconds.  Naturally, most driver would not expect it to happen when the traffic light ahead turned green in our favour.  Felt terribly sorry for the victims.  Bearing in mind, I too drive to/from school to drop off/pick up my boy from his preschool,  I have to remind myself not to take things for granted and always keep a look out at the surrounding cars even if it is in green signal.  It is not only for our own safety but for the passengers in our car as well.  We do encounter some unpleasant experience on the roads as well.  Drivers who do not signal, drivers day-dreaming so much so that the cars veered too close, cars sway left and right, tailgating, ..etc  Even my mom complained to me drivers do not give way to zebra crossing :O  This urban jungle appears to be deteriorated at a scary speed and civi-minded society has seemingly forgotten the very basics of living harmoniously altogther.

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