Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Bento No. 193

This car sandwich was made with German museli bread from Barcode bakery and I filled it with teriyaki chicken, cucumbers and tomatoes. And he has some strawberries and emmi blueberry yogurt. The first time I saw it was at Hong Lim Complex.  The bakery was so crowded with people!  I found this new bakery at Tampines One and without second thought, I bought a mexico cheese bun and half loaf of German museli.  It is good but not really fantastic.

After school, we drove to Changi Airport Terminal 2 because Papa is going to India to work for a couple days.  My boy was so excited because Papa said he is going to give an ice cream treat.  And he repeatedly reminded us that he has "recovered many many times..." i.e. from cough and fever and he can eat a lots of ice cream.  This is the reason my son favours Papa more than Mommy.  Thereafter, we went to the viewing deck since we have plenty of time before departure.  He had fun running around the area.  However, my son got slapped on his head by another child for accidentally bumped head to head whilst playing.  This child obviously does not know what has happened thinking it was my son who hit him.  My son did not retaliate.  (The child is shorter and smaller in built).  Yet the child turned around and told me "I will tell my daddy!".  I was stunned.  I remained silent and did not confront the child. The issue of being able to stand up and fight back or ignore the bullies and go away have been bothering me for quite some times.  

My boy refused to send Papa off at the departure gate.  This is how he waved good-bye...

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