Friday, May 11, 2012

Sushi and animal farm

Bento No. 195
My legs are aching after the dance yesterday at Jitterbug.  This is the result of not exercising regularly.  Rather, I did not make time for exercise other than doing housework, walking my dog, fetching/picking up my son to/from school and cooking.  May be I should start thinking about it - to be fit and healthy as age catches up.

Today's lunch is his usual baked salmon sushi with cucumber, edamame, oranges and strawberries. And I decorated it with a couple of farm animals foodpicks; pig, chicken, dog and mouse.   Talking about 'mouse', my son recently has been hooked with the 'Geronimo Stilton story books.  The title character is a talking mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. Geronimo Stilton works as a journalist and editor for the newspaper The Rodent's Gazette.   Papa recommended and bought a series of it that we almost can open a bookshop.  My son likes it so much due to its adventurous content and I personally, felt, the wordings are eye-catching and the stories are realistic.  He even pretends himself as  the "Benjamin", I am the "Thea" and Papa is the "Uncle Geronimo" - which are some of the mouse characters in the book.  And my boy is always looking forward to watch it on TV every Sunday morning, 12 noon at Okto. Thinking of which, I shall try making a mouse bento next week!

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