Thursday, May 10, 2012


Bento No. 194
I have some frozen chicken balls which I made previously.  So I packed it in my boy's lunchbox with elbow pasta and mixed vegetables.  Two bone foodpicks as its tentacles and a leaf foodpick just for fun. The rest are made of cheese and nori.  On top of which, he has some butter-fried brown mushroom in tomato sauce.  My son just could not keep his little hands away from my camera.

We have wonderful time dancing at Jitterbug yesterday morning to celebrate Mother's day.  It is a yearly school event where all mommies has come together to bond with their children.  We did the hip hop dance with a K-Pop look alike instructor.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and so was my son!  Even the dance instructor asked whether my son has ever learned dancing? ;) At the end of the session, each mothers received a flower from the little ones.  And I got an orange rose!  My son's favourite colours and my favourite flower.  I also took the opportunity to meet up with my Mom for lunch and at the same time, I brought her some gifts too; a stainless steel bottle, heat rub and two bottles of glucosamine.   We had swiss cheese hotdogs for lunch at Plaza Singapura. We could not find a cozy area to sit down quietly and comfortably for a chat.  Hence, we went to Somerset 313 Food Republic where there was an outdoor playground  for my son to burn his energy and we could relax ourselves at the food court.

Happy Mother's day to all Mommies!

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