Monday, July 9, 2012

Angry Bird

Bento No. 218
Angry Bird!  Who doesn't love it?  Even my son has received a blue angry bird backpack from my sister as a birthday present in April this year and he has some stickers and puzzles too.  He even knows how to play angry birds games in the iphone.  I do not own one but my hubby does.  However, we have never let him played it using Papa's iphone.  It was through parties, gatherings of friends and relatives that he was being exposed to the games. 

So today bento lunch is a yellow Angry Bird made of egg sheet (which I had obviously overcooked :P).  Nori for its comb, carrot strips for its eyebrow, cheese/nori for its eyes and tomato for its beak.  The egg sheet was first spread with some tomato sauce before sticking on the wholemeal pita bread.   Put a little of mayo spread on each sides of the pita bread which I then fill it with teriyaki chicken, a slice of tomato and cucumbers.  Some grapes and green kiwi for fruits.  I have a hard time convincing my boy to eat leafy salads and hence, I have temporarily stopped using it for bento-making.  When we were shopping at Cold Storage for some lettues to make salads yesterday night, he told me that "I don't like salad.  If you buy it, I won't eat it."  Strangely, he loves sandwiches from subway which he can finish all the vegetables excepts pickles and green chilli.  How to make him eat his salads again?  Why again because he ate it previously!!  And he dislikes it now....  


~Summer~ said...

This looks awesome! Ah huh, now I know where to go to look for bento making tips. =) I'm inspired to start soon!

Dragonfly said...

Wow, another bento-lover! Yeah!! Thanks for the compliment. I am sure your girls would love it. :)