Friday, July 6, 2012

Chicken Nuggets and Panda

Bento No. 217
Sometime, I feel that we do not need to be exceptional creative to prepare a bento.  With a few colourful and cute foodpicks and a couple of silicon cups, a speedy lunch can be done in no time.  This was what I did today - inserted two little acrobatic panda foodpicks onto the chicken nuggets and threw in the mixed vegetables in a silicone cup, likewise for the fruits; strawberries and oranges. The chicken nuggets, according to my boy, were very tasty! The recipe was adapted from "Just Bento", my very first bento cookbook.  Briefly, the chicken nuggets were seasoned with salt and pepper, then coated it with mayonnaise.  Crushed cornflakes in a ziplock bag and put in the mayonnasie-coated chicken.  And the fun part was to shake it!  Lastly, I pan-fried it.  It was a quick and easy meal.

His preschool, besides being a kindergarten, they also catered for children with special needs.   They even encouraged kids to participate in their Kidz' Club where they become play buddies for the special needs children.   I have talked to my boy on a few occasions about being a play buddy for these children and he is quite apprehensive at first. And I brought up the subject again yesterday, he surprised me with an affirmative, "Yes".   Needless to say, I made up a story about the panda who become a play buddy to a special needs kid enjoying a great time together.  Hence, he had an extra hour of playtime with his special friend after school today. All went well according to the teacher.  Guess, he would be looking forward to it next week ;)

This week is full of surprises for my little rascal.  He got his long overdue storybook titled Hot Hippo which he always looked for it every time we visited NLB.  But it was never available at the Tampines branch.  Not to disappoint him, I paid $1.50 to reserve it.  And he sighted real tadpoles for the first time which I have collected from one of the Mom Bloggers, Selena whom still has hundreds to give away.  On top of it, he had a wonderful time with his new-found special friends.  The joy and happiness I see in my boy is priceless.  Me -- a Happy Mom definitely!!


Mum in the Making said...

Those chicken nuggets sound so yummy! I have the cookbook but have yet to try most of the recipes, since its hard to get Asian ingredients here... And I agree, sometimes simple things like food picks help to dress up a meal!

Dragonfly said...

Thanks for dropping by. It is a perfect finger food, I think. Kids would love it. I only tried a few not all. Perhaps, you can have members of your family in Singapore to ship some ingredients over ;) One of my friend in Swiss did it.