Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Farm with a piggy and a chick

Bento No. 215

At four years, my son are picking up new English words and expanding his vocabulary at a tremendous speed (except Mandarin).  And he too, learned, for the first time, name-calling from his football mates (luckily not vulgarities). One fine day, he called me a 'Potato Head!' while we were having a fun of rough and tumble.  I was not amused but rather curious of where and from who he learned it.  He told me that it was during the soccer game where one of the kids said "if you loose, you are a potato head".   In that sense, I think it was not as bad as I have thought since it was a challenge afterall.  However, if name-calling was directed to a person's physical appearance, then I would not approve.  Because to do so was tantamount to verbal bullying.  God knows what is next but as a parent, we are there to guide and teach them.

Today's lunch, we have a farm with a little piggy which was made with hotdog, cheese for its snort and nori for its eyes and ears.  As for the chick, carrot for its beak and the rest of the details were made with nori.  These were super tiny and I had never done it before.   I am glad it turned out well ;)  He has favourite fruits; orange and strawberry, some chicken fillet stir-fried with leek and carrot and blanched kailan.

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