Friday, July 27, 2012

Elephant and Fish fingers

Bento No. 229
I made fish fingers which I adapted the receipe from  However, I tweaked the receipe a little.  Instead of oven-baked, I pan-fried the white fish fillet since it was a small fillet (half of what the receipe called for).  I coated the fillets purely panko breadcrumbs and the results - breadcrumbs was slightly burnt and not in the golden brown colour.  Surprisingly, it still taste good, not too dry and pefectly flaky, nevertheless ;)  This is a frozen white fish fillet that I bought from Cold Storange Tanglin Mall with a label of healthier choice and low in sodium. The fish was originated from Indonesia and named 'oreochromis niloticus'. And it was pricey compared to other frozen fish fillet.  We tried as much as possible to give him a balance and healthy meal and we avoid, as hard as possible, eating out at a Fast Food restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC within our controls.  In fact, we did not introduce it to him.  But he found out from one of his teachers one day. He came back home telling me he wanted to eat McDonald's! And now, he associates fried nuggets/chicken, fries, fish and chips, burger...etc are all his 'likes' food.  For this reason, I would include burger, occasional nuggets and fish fingers in his bentos.  Hope that it will satisfy his craving and the next time, he asked for it.  I can say he have already had it in his lunchbox :P

I love cookie cutter and have a small collection.  But I have not tried my hands on baking any cookies yet.  Most of time, I used it on the bentos.  So this elephant was pressed out from a cookie cutter using pumpkin/raisin bread which I purchased from Yamazaki bakery.  It was a sweet bread without a hint of pumpkin taste.   Quite disappointed!   On the sides, my son got a cup of blanched mixed vegetables, a few slices of cucumber, a tiny wedge of tomato and oranges.

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