Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pumpkin rice

Bento No. 221
Ever since I found the receipe of pumpkin rice from food-4tots, it has become one of our favourite meal that I will definitely cook.  And my son is happy to have it for his lunch as well as dinner!  It was another day that my mind went blank looking at the ingredients. No inspiration and dull.... Luckily,  these cute foodpicks saved the day!  His bento consisted of a floret of blanched broccoli, pumpkin on rice, grapes and apricot.

Papa again flew off early in the morning for his business trip in Indonesia.  And my son seems to have gotten used to Papa's travelling schedule.   Later in the afternoon, I met up my Mom for lunch at ION Orchard Road.  And she handed me some monies and a pair of jade earings that my late Grandma, who passed away last month, has left behind.  She was 89 years old.  The pair of earings was a gift for Grandma which I bought it from New Zealand ages ago.  She kept it and was not worn (because my Mum said she does not like it).  Never did I expect it to be returned to me.  I grew up with my Grandma when I was young in a kampong until I reached the age of schooling.   I still can remember that I was whining and crying refused to leave my grandma's house. Thereafter, we often visited her and to me, it was a day trip or outing affair that I was always looking forward.   I am going to miss Grandma a lot....

Life is short and treasure it now before it is too late.  This is a familiar phrase we hear many times and read it in many articles/books.  We know it but seriously, have we really put in effort to treasure the dearest and closest ones to us?   Or, perhaps, we should be more forgiving so to live our life the fullest and happily.


Food For Tots said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma. My grandma passed away when I was still small. So, I can't recall much about her. My son loves to play with food picks and always asks me to buy some when we shopped at Daiso. I just played deaf. lol! ;)

Dragonfly said...

I also can't resist to buy a few more foodpicks... Haha,I kept the foodpicks away from my son. So he don't have the chance to play with it except to help me decorate the bento. ;)