Monday, July 30, 2012


We were due for a review of medical reports this morning following our checkups with TTSH Health Enrichment Center in early July.  Hence, I did a quick bento; baked salmon, tomatoe wedges, butterhead lettuces, steamed red potato along with some grapes (pitted and skin removed) and dragonfruits.  On top of which, I packed the creamy Japanese sesame dressing for the salads in a separate container as well as threw in a bottle of vitagen inside his lunchbag.   A piece of grass baran which I cut into two, nicely tucked between the foods.  Completed with a few foodpicks; a panda, an elephant, a monkey and a couple of leafs.   I thought the dressing was yummy but my son, however, did not eat the lettuces with the sauce when I checked his lunchbox after school.  My attempt trying to encourage him to eat his salads failed again;)  Perhaps, I should change the type of vegetable instead or even let him choose it for himself at the supermarket!
Bento No. 230
I was given a clean bill of health except that I was slightly underweight.  My other half did not fair very well (as he has a family history of cardiovascular disease).  His condition did not improve despite he was on eggless diet for a year on the advice of his doctor.  (He used to have two soft boiled egg and toast for his breakfast every other day previously.)  Now, the Doctor recommended eating less of noodles and start a regular exercise regime.  Hope that it gets better next year.

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