Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pot Sticker (Gyoza) and bean stick noodles

Bento No. 216

One of my son's favourite dish is pot sticker (aka Gyoza in Japanese).  It is easy to prepare by simply mixing all the ingredients together.  But the most tricky part is folding the dumplings.  I have not perfected the skills yet but still, it looks presentable, at least, when served on the dinner table ;) I made a big batch which we had some for dinner earlier and the balance, I freezed it.  And of course, I could pack it for his lunchbox too!   

On the bottom tier of his panda bento box, he has beanstick noodles, stir-fried cabbage/carrot with ikan bilis and a few pot stickers. And my son did the decorating with his favourite animals foodpicks.  For more colours, I added a grass baran.  On the upper tier,  I put some red strawberries and oranges. 

Lastly, a styracosaurus which he again insisted to be included in the picture.  However, this toy does not belong to my son.  It all started with lending and borrowing game with his classmate, Oliver.  They shared the same interest i.e. Cars and Dinosaurs.  First, they began with vehicles which Oliver generously allowed my son to bring it home over the school holidays. Mommy had to make sure that the toy is not lost and broken and in its original condition when we returned it to Oliver.  Now, he borrowed the dinosaurs.. I wonder what is next?

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