Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Soupy chicken macaroni

Bento No. 220

I met some of my son's classmates yesterday since I got to his preschool early.  And one of the girls, Gwen, reported that my boy was naughty.  Even the Chinese teacher also commented "有一点坏蛋".  He has always been a good boy most of the time (I am not bragging comparatively to boys of his age).  Hence, I was a little concerned and we tried to sound him out yesterday night before bedtime. Apparently, he did not listen to teacher's instruction and displayed 'play right now'  demanding attitude.  So we explained to him that in a classroom settings, he is required to follow rules i.e. there is time to play, time to read, time to write and time to eat.  He nodded quietly with a 'guilt' on his face.  Turned alway and felt asleep later.  Not his usual, cheerful self.  Hopefully, today would be a better day for him.

I boiled some chicken soup using half of chicken breast, tiny piece of ginger and half of spring onion (white part only).  Shredded the chicken meat, put in the macaroni and some fried shallots into the flask.  Blanched the caixin and carrot.  Placed it altogther with the apricot and grapes in his bento box.  Easy and simple lunch!

I went online shopping again for some cookie cutters from Reeney's baking supplies. Another collections of mine..haha!!

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