Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Bento No. 227
It's cold soba with gyoza, some blanched Japanese green and blanched carrots in the shapes of moon, star and planet.  Plus some oranges and cheeries.  Besides sushi, my son likes cold noodles.  In fact, he loves anything cold for instance ice cream, cold milk and cold drinks.  He even requested for a cold bao one fine day!   My husband blamed me for not training him to eat hot food when he was younger.  When he was baby, I fed him with baby porridge which could took up half an hour or longer to finish.  The porridge would turn cold eventually.  When he was on solids, I would mix the rice with soup and enticed him with some toys or play during the feeding process.  Surely, the food will end up cold on the table.  When he started preschool at 18 months, the teacher assured me that she would warm up the lunch.  But under air-conditioning, the food certainly turned cold rapidly. At 4 years old, he has his own mind and preferences.  It is difficult to convince him to try pipping hot food.  Nevertheless, the above instances are not excuses for myself giving him cold food.  The cause of it is the process.  Slowly, I believe, we can change his mindset with explanation that some food is eaten cold and others, have to be consumed hot.

Lately, my boy began to throw tantrums when he did not get what he wanted and often demanded that he must have this 'right now' attitude.  It has got worse when we dine out at a restaurant.  We were all seated and browsing at the food menu.  The waitress came over and informed us that there were no more pizzas. Fighting back his tears, my son insisted saying "I want to eat pizza.  I want to eat pizza now!!  He was also not listening when we told him that he could choose other kinds of food.  In the end, Papa reprimanded him and decided not to give him anymore choices.  "Just eat whatever food we ordered" he commanded.  Then we went to another restaurant where the little rascal calmed down later and we finally had our dinner in peace.

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