Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Miss Octopus

Bento No. 223

Yesterday, my son did not finish his fried brown mee hoon which I packed for him.  And he told me that "I don't like brown mee hoon and there is no picture in my lunchbox". Ohhh, I was flattered for a minute because it worth all my effort into dressing up his food!  However, I begin to think if my bento really encourage him to eat and less picky about food.  He still has his likes and dislikes and sometimes or rather lately, he started to reject some of the vegetables that he eats it previously. Perhaps, it is part of his growth spurts! He was tearing when I asked him to just try to give the veggie a bite.  May be, I was too pushy.  So I told him today, he can pick one vegetable from the refrigerator for me to cook dinner.  He did and ate the cauliflower which I stir-fried with sugan bean, carrot and fish cake. Phew, at least, I see a happy face and no tears!

Today's lunch was a pink octopus with eye lashes made with honey baked ham, nori and cheese. A tiny drop of ketchup for its cheek.  The first reaction from my boy was "It's a girl."  I responded with "Don't you like 妹妹 (mei mei)?".  He said "I like 弟弟 (di di)."  :P  A green baran for contrast against the yellow fried rice that I cooked with diced ham, mixed vegetables and shallots.  An apricot and some grapes for his fruits.

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