Thursday, July 19, 2012

Car (egg) and Porridge

Bento No. 225

I have three lunchboxes which I bought for my son (although I am still contemplating to buy a few more ;). This is from the Lock and Lock.  The compartmentalised space make it easier to separate the food without using any silicon cup and baran. And my boy has yellow kiwi, grapes, blanched cauliflower/carrots/sugar bean and half soya sauce hard boiled egg (in the shape of a car) all nicely packed in the box!  The porridge is cooked with meat stock, water chestnut and meatballs.  The only way my son will eat porridge is to sprinkle with some fried silver fish.  I have accumulated quite a lot of foodpicks and other bento-making 'gadgets' over the years.  Among which, is this egg mould that I purchased from Isetan.  It can be found selling in Takashimaya as well.  Even though it's just egg, but not-so-boring anymore ;)

I cannot remember how many times my boy has fallen or slipped injuring himself that there are so many scars on his legs.  When I saw a picture posted by fellow mom blogger that her girl has a deep cut on her chin with stiches on it, I just felt instantly 'ouch' as a mommy.  Painful and heartache and I wish her girl will heal well soon.  Coincidentally, my son got big slash on his big toe while playing in the playground ripping off some of the skin.  Immediately, I applied pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.  We went home and digged out the bottle of antiseptic chlorhexidine solution to wash his cut.  Still crying but that is the consequences of playing barefooted at the playground!!  Bet he learned his lesson and would wear his shoe instead of turning a deaf ear to my naggings.


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