Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bear (ham and cheese sandwich)

Bento No. 226
Slurp! I was trying to present a bear slurping with its tougue (like my dog below).   But I think I could further improve on it.  The bear was made with black sesame bread from Yamazaki bakery.  I used a round cookie cutter to press out the shape for its face and layered with honey baked ham, emmental cheese and tomato slice.   Nori and cheese for its facial expression.  Then, I stuffed pieces of sliced round Japanese cucumbers (topped with pink ham) to make its ears. On the sides were stripes of cucumbers and yellow kiwi.  Looking at the finished product, I thought it resembles a 'thing' that I could not recall in my memory! 

The last thing we would like to hear from the preschool is rising school fees.  We have just been informed via email that the new fee schedule effective next year will incorporate 7% GST tax and 1% to 3% increase to account for yearly inflation.  The sentiments of the school principal seems coincide with the Lien Foundation recent calls for vital changes to improve preschool situation in Singapore.  We have plans for my son to switch to another kindergarten that is within our means.  I hope that he will adapt well in the new environment next year.

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