Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Panda in Love

Bento No. 228
I normally used sushi rice (aka Japonica rice Fairprice brand) for making onigiri.  But I have forgotten to replenish my stock!  So this panda onigiri was made with Thai long grain rice.  I was so afraid the shape does not hold that I mould it when the rice was still hot (hoping it would stick together.  And it did but still not good enough).  Round cucumbers for its ears, nori/cheese for its facial expression and lastly, touch up on its cheek with some ketchup. His lunch today consisted of teriyaki chicken, blanched broccoli, heart shape carrots, green bean, oranges and cheeries. 

I am looking forward to a family holiday in Penang over the long weekends this National Day.  It will be the first time we are celebrating National Day away from Singapore.  But I really dying for one (still cannot get over my hubby went on his hiking trip in Peru :P).  My son is thrilled when Papa announced he has everything booked.  Mommy has to get her passport renewed quickly (which I have sat on it for a few months).   Papa has also promised to bring us on a camping trip outside of Singapore.  I wonder when it is going to materialize.

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