Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicken Multi-grain Burger, Domino blocks

Let's have a peek into my boy's lunchbag today.  It contained a chicken multi-grain burger wrapped in cling wrap, baked potato wedges/oranges/cheeries packed inside the blue bento box, apple flavour vitagen and his Tom & Jerry waterbottle with stickers all over the places.  For the first time, he stopped me from decorating the burger after I finished layering with baked chicken patty, tomato slice, butter lettuce and emmental cheese.  He proclaimed that it looked like a walrus with its teeth sticking out and did not want further touch up.  I asked "Are you sure?" couple of times and he was very persistent :P  Can you visualise it? 

I bought a set of domino blocks with chinese characters, pinying and even with pictograms printed on the wooden blocks from Tampines 1 yesterday night.  It caught my eye when my boy was playing the Angry Bird brick game (those that built and using catapult to shoot type) at the store.  Although I found it expensive for a China product at $24.50 (after 50% discount), I decided to buy it because firstly, I could engage him to learn chinese in a fun way apart from books and secondly, it was better choice than the Angry bird, right. 

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